:: Address : End of Nakhl Blvd. - Ardakan Industrial Zone - Yazd - Iran

:: Phone : 03527274760

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طراحی و پیاده سازی - وبــــ سـازه


About us


 Khatam Ardakan Tile and ceramic industries (private), is one of leading manufacturers and exporters of ceramic tiles in Iran, with the annual production of 3.5 million square meters of floor ceramic tiles. The company was established in a land area of 120 thousand square meters, in 1999, and started its production in 2005. 

By further research, development and improvement of our technology, it is hoped that the company achieve its goals, which are improvement of quality, quantity and competitiveness of its products.Using its experienced and creative employees, the Khatam Tile Company has been able to produce more than 400 designs in 8 various sizes to achieve the highest level of diversity in ceramic floor ceramic tile designs.Khatam Tile industries, having more than 180 employees, have managed to export about 95 percent of its products to more than 8 countries which is a testimony to its excellent reputation worldwide.Also it has been honored to receive the certificate ISO9002: 2008 from Canada, and its products have been approved by the Iranian national standard ( ISIRI). the policy of the company is trying to fulfill the needs of the customers and also to adopt more and more the quality of the products with the demands of the customers with different tastes and preferences in different countries around the world. It is hoped that introduction of new products and improvement in production methods will help us to achieve the above-mentioned goals soon. The company is now expanding its product line in order to produce wall tiles in near future and also to satisfy more requirements of our customers.